Thursday, October 2, 2008


1 for
6 is

date : 9th october 2008

time : 9am - 5pm
Kompleks Perdanasiswa(Car park), University Malaya

in-campus delivery (order 6donuts and above) please contact:

kian hin : 0195705943

latest update!! ^_^

ok here's the list of donuts that we'll be selling on 9th oct:

1)Duren Duren


3)Say Cheese

4)Green Teaser





9) Choreo

10)Mango Tango


12)Californian Almond



**All together there are 14 types.**

for the venue :

Kompleks Perdanasiswa (Car park)

please check on our blog for latest updates ^_^

check this out~~!!!!

good news everyone~!!!

our entrepreneurship day will be held on 9th of oct. time is from 9am to 5pm.

the price is fixed now ...
and i bet this is the cheapest price you can find !
BIG APPLE's Fans do not miss this promotions!
let me first tell you how much people selling outside :

1 donut is RM2.20 each

3 donuts is RM6.60

You can also buy in box:

6 pcs in one box, RM11.50

12 pcs in one box, RM25

And here i tell you how much my group is going to sell on that day:

1 for
6 is

so now you see the difference??!!
So don't miss it !

outsider is welcomed too ^_^
And good news is always better to share with friends right? Don't forget to ask your friends along!!

about the venue..hahahah i would like to keep it as a secret first,those who's interested please check on our blog ^_^

And for those who has no time for queue-ing and waiting eagerly for it,you can contact this person:

kian hin : 0195705943

we can deliver to your room if you buy 6donuts and above,but this service is only limited for students staying in-campus.


Monday, September 22, 2008

UM entrepreneurship day

Good news to all Big apple Donuts fans! We'll be selling Big Apple's donuts for our entrepreneurship day ! ^_^

No longer needed to go out of campus to get Big Apple Donuts! u can get it here.

For those who never tried Big Apple donuts before and for those who think it's expensive...think twice

Take a bite,and u'll be addicted to it

This is true.

People buy them by dozens.The doughnuts are fluffy and light.It's spongy and soft when u bite on it and the flavours are not too strong....not too sweet.

What makes the people queue up for it ?The queue is long and never ending ,from morning till evening.

i'll let you guys be the showing you photos of it .
you can see how creative they can do with the donuts topping

Donuts range:
Pink Panther, Duren Duren, Chocoring, Rolling Stone, Kiwi Blitz, Semi Glacier, Say Cheese, Go Nutz, Kimochi, Green Teaser, Chocoholic, Iceberg, Whitnut, Snowy, 101 Dalmation, Choreo, Spicy Flossy, Mango Tango, Glacier, Californian Almond, Moonraker, Chococinno and The Alien.

All together there are 23 types.

101 dalmation

Duren Duren

kiwi blitz spicy chicken floss Oreo